About Reactive Oxygen®

Reactive Oxygen® technology allows for the accurate delivery of low levels of hydrogen peroxide – a reactive oxygen species – at a controlled antimicrobial potency to the infection site for a sustained period.

Reactive Oxygen® technology is now rapidly being developed to treat Complex Poloymicrobial Skin Lesions (CPSL), reducing the need for using traditional antibiotics.

While traditional antimicrobials are increasingly subject to antimicrobial resistance, Reactive Oxygen® has been demonstrated to destroy a broad range of bacteria, including MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. Coli, which have developed resistance to traditional antibiotic drugs. It is also effective against colonies of bacteria, or biofilms, that make infections difficult to treat with traditional antibiotics.


The mission of Matoke Holdings Ltd.™ is to develop a new solution to tackle antimicrobial resistance.


Regenerative Antimicrobial

Reactive Oxygen® harnesses a natural human biological defence mechanism, making it systemic and a stimulant to the immune system. Our scientists are currently exploring the potential of Reactive Oxygen® to aid the healing process.

The Need:

The increasing issue of failing antibiotics is well publicised. Chronic infections, associated with biofilm formation can be stimulated by the use of antibiotics and the very existence of long term chronically infected wounds is the most graphic demonstration of the lack of solutions that address this clinical issue.

MHL’s solution:

MHL seeks to create a medicinal product to address infection and to stimulate accelerated wound healing in Complex Polymicrobial Skin Lesions (CPSL).


Wider Applications

MHL is plans to develop a variety of applications, utilising Reactive Oxygen®’s potential as a treatment, not just a preventative, to a much wider range of conditions.

Research is currently being carried out across the UK, by world-leading scientists at the Universities of Manchester, Southampton and Birmingham, to take Reactive Oxygen® to the next level in a variety of different delivery mechanisms. This research aims to develop the next generation of antibiotics.


The efficacy of Reactive Oxygen® technology to date is supported by a weight of academic research, with further publications due. Our research papers are available on request at info@matokeholdings.com.