Reactive Oxygen®
"the next major breakthrough in acute, surgical and chronic wound management"

Matoke Holdings’ mission is:

“To create a range of Reactive Oxygen® delivery systems to become the first choice range for clinicians treating acute, surgical and chronic wounds, to control potential or actual infections, biofilm if present, whilst positively driving wound repair”

Over 160 years, wound infection control and healing technology has not moved at the pace of other medical care breakthroughs.

The net result is a huge issue of long term patient suffering. In the UK alone there are 2 million unresolved chronic wounds which are physically and socially debilitating and which come with a huge economic burden. Failure to heal these wounds can often lead to amputation and further disability with, in the UK, some 25 lower limb amputations every day for unresolved diabetic ulcers.

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Extraordinary infection control

Prevent & destroy biofilms


Matoke Holdings is actively looking to work with global health care companies, to accelerate the technology to make a real impact on global health.

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Matoke Holdings would like to speak to potential investors to help develop the technology.

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