SurgihoneyRO™ is a cutting-edge technology, an antimicrobial wound gel utilising bioengineered honey to deliver Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

SurgihoneyRO™ provides enhanced healing and a powerful antimicrobial action to reduce the microbial load thus removing the barriers to wound healing. Unlike other medical grade honeys, SurgihoneyRO™ has been bioengineered to enhance and precisely control its antimicrobial potency.​

Kills a wide range of bacteria in vitro [1,2,3]
Prevents biofilm in vitro [1]
Fast acting antimicrobial action [2]
Substantially eradicates mature biofilm in vitro [4,5]
Effective against multi drug-resistant microorganisms commonly found in chronic wounds [6]
Effective debridement
Assists the natural wound healing environment and promotes new tissue growth


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