Matoke® Pharma welcomes UK Government’s 5-Year AMR Strategy

Matoke® Pharma welcomes the UK Government’s new 5-year national action plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR), published January 2019. Focus on developing and bringing to market new treatments like Reactive Oxygen® is essential to meeting the global AMR threat.

Matoke® welcomes the plan’s commitment to:

  • Shift towards value-based pricing for antimicrobials
  • Make AMR a priority for the Accelerated Access Pathway, a fast-track programme to get new innovations into the NHS
  • Prioritise investment further in antimicrobial R&D, particularly by SMEs, through UKRI and other funding agencies

Delivery of these measures could help the development of much needed new treatments to prevent the “antibiotic apocalypse” England’s Chief Medical Officer has warned of. Matoke® Pharma do believe that considerable work is still needed to develop the practical elements of a value-based pricing model and provide clarity to industry and incentivise investment.

We welcome the recognition that increased funding for research and development for SMEs is needed. As an SME, securing funding necessary to progress innovations through the long regulatory process is challenging. Research grants must be better set up support SMEs in antimicrobial R&D.

We look forward to seeing how the Government seeks to implement this strategy in order to progress the global fight against antimicrobial resistance.

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