• The COVID-19 crisis is likely to last until there is an effective vaccine (c.18 months). The tools available to address the crisis are very limited and disruptive (NPIs). There are a range of treatments which are under review, but none have been shown to be definitively effective.
  • At Matoke, we have a prophylactic product, RO-101®, which aims to address this crisis by reducing the severity of cases and reducing the rate of the spread of disease.
  • RO-101® has been shown to be strongly anti-viral and anti-bacterial as well as safe to use in humans.
  • RO-101® can be used as a spray which can be used to treat the upper respiratory tract in order to prevent the spread of infection, either to the lungs of the patient or to others.
  • We have strong evidential back up for the antimicrobial efficacy of RO-101® and are working with top clinicians and government bodies, including the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington DC and Public Health England, Porton Down.
  • As a UK SME, we need government support to develop this treatment, an accelerated path to pharmacological approval and a partner to support testing, manufacture and distribution.

Our proposal is set out in the following documents:

  1. A proposition for the use of Matoke of RO® as a Covid-19 prophylaxis to protect people
  2. A report from Public Health England Colindale on the antiviral activity of Matoke’s RO® technology​

Covid-19 prophylaxis proposition

Public Health England Colindale report