Whilst living on a farm in the Lakes Region of Southern Chile, Matoke Holdings™ founder Ian Staples observed that nectar in the hive never fermented. This was Ian’s light bulb moment – the discovery prompted him to work with leading scientists and led to the invention of the Reactive Oxygen technology platform.

“A potential solution to the crisis of antimicrobial resistance, which is killing 700,000 people a year worldwide”

Matt Ridley

The Times

The Passion Behind Reactive Oxygen® Technology

The world is facing an antibiotic catastrophe as bacteria evolve resistance. Traditional antibiotics are failing to keep pace with the evolution of pathogens. Post-surgical infections are often difficult and expensive to treat, cost over $¼ billion globally per year. Long-term or chronic wounds that never heal are a huge cause of suffering. It is a global issue as the world population is ageing and suffering from higher rates of diabetes and obesity.

There is a lack of innovation in this field from the global pharmaceutical and wound care industry — not just in the development of antibiotics but also topical antimicrobials. Reactive Oxygen® technology represents a major advance in infection management.

Naturally occurring antibiotics are an extract or a copy of what nature has been doing for millions of years to protect organisms to defend themselves from pathogenic microbes namely producing low levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) at an infection site. Matoke’s scientists have observed and then learned how to safely control this process and have developed Reactive Oxygen® as an antimicrobial.

Research partners and independent scientists have not yet found a pathogenic bacterium – even the most pan resistant bacterial strains – that can survive the presence of our Reactive Oxygen® technology. The clinical applications are extending exponentially, as is the research work and regulatory development, almost totally funded by a small group of investors.

Fleming is cited as the discoverer of penicillin in 1928. However, it wasn’t until nearly 12 years later that an Australian scientist began the extraction of penicillin, and it took the crises of the Second World War to catapult its production into a reality. Without a war, penicillin’s development might still be at a committee review stage. The war killed millions, but propelled the development of penicillin that has saved hundreds of millions of people from infectious and often fatal diseases. Today, our fight is against antimicrobial resistance and we cannot afford to wait 12 years to develop a solution. Meeting this challenge is the mission of Matoke Holdings™.

We cannot afford to wait decades to transform the way we tackle drug-resistant infections. Reactive Oxygen® technology opens a new front in the fight against antibiotic resistance

Ian Staples

Founder and CEO of Matoke Holdings Ltd.™